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I've decided to implement another form of security using a shared key. It's a custom solution and only recommended for Medium Trust shared hosting solutions. For Full Trust solutions WSE 3.0 or WCF should be used instead.
There will be a server side admin tool for the keys. A separate key should be generated for each client machine. The key will be saved as a key file in the client application folder (or location of your choice), then it will be read and passed to each web service call for validation. (just like the current solution). The only difference is the key isn't dynamically generated and authenticated with a username/password.
This prevents the keys from never expiring like they did before and, you can expire keys on the server side in case one becomes compromised.
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I'm working on posting these changes now. Feel free to comment on the discussion thread. The old release will still be available with the session based web service security.
Discussion thread: http://www.codeplex.com/SingleSignOn/Thread/View.aspx?ThreadId=13798
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I also realize that this is kind of a big security issue with windows forms clients. The service username and password would have to be in the app.config.

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Not at all. You could use the Isolated Storage are for the user to keep an encrypted xml file containing the user and password. I´ll be doing some work on the Service infra-structure of this project soon. Probably I´ll do the services in WCF since it allows for security between parties already.

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Check out the latest release.

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